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We were among the first to condense the high-end video production value of Hollywood to a down-scalable mobile model for Corporations and Luxury Destinations all over the World. Our clients want to reach a wider audience and engage with new & existing customers in a variety of ways through social media with traditional marketing platforms. While helping our client reach their goals, we protect their image and manage all media content produce. We make sure your brand stays consistent throughout every marketing platform utilized.


Experience Media was among the first to combine the high end production quality of Hollywood with a scalable mobile model for local businesses. Our clients come to us to reach a wider audience and engage their new & existing customers in a variety of ways that often link social media with traditional marketing programs. We make the production process easy on you and your budget.
The National Association of Realtors has reported that the average first-time buyer is 29 years old. And with such a young market to target, the real estate sector can no longer afford to ignore video as an online marketing tool. If you aim to take your business to the next level, Experience Media can assist you in developing videos that will communicate your level of expertise in the industry, while serving as a dynamic element, allowing you to advertise yourself on a new platform. And having serviced agents in the most competitive markets around the U.S., we know what it takes to bridge the gap between you and closing your next big sale.
OK, we know what you’re thinking – do designers really need social media to be successful? According to Mashable, “it doesn’t matter if you’re on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Flickr; your online personality is not only part of your overall brand, it becomes an interactive experience for you and your business.” Videos are proven to be effective in expanding demographic reach, in addition to giving prospective clients an intimate look at your brand. From browsing your company profile, to your virtual portfolio, our videos will allow you to showcase your products, design techniques, and overall creative edge in a whole new way.
Experience Media has traveled around the world to provide our clients with breathtaking visuals that give them a competitive advantage amongst others in their industry. Through our creative approach, our videos will showcase the spectrum of amenities your destination offers and provide a greater sense of the surrounding area, all while bringing an increased awareness of your brand via the Web and social media pages. Our tools are an innovative marketing device allowing guests to tour your destination from the comfort of their home.
Are you planning an event that needs documentation? Call us to discuss your project. To make sure your event goes off without a hitch, we can connect you with our partners in Event Planning, Catering, Entertainment Talent, Audio & Visual equipment rentals, and more.
Our team has worked with agencies across the nation to provide dynamic and informative videos for several medical and cosmetic companies. Whether you’d like a training video for your medical staff or demonstration videos for your clients, we have the experience you need to jump start your production the right direction.
In today’s savvy market, consumer expectations are high. And if you think auto buyers don’t look to social media before purchasing their next car, think again. Zuberance, social media gurus based out of San Fran, claim ninety percent of consumers trust recommendations from their friends but only 33% trust online ads. These recommendations come in the form of not just traditional word of mouth but also video sharing. With dealership profiles and incentive ads our videos will help boost traffic to both your virtual and brick and mortar sites, while increasing overall sales.
Whether you need a :30 commercial or a 2 hour documentary produced, you can trust our expertise in this area. Using the latest equipment and technology plus our award winning team, Experience Media is able to deliver creative, engaging content on a variety of platforms. Call us if you have an idea that needs development or if your just missing a few pieces of the puzzle to complete your production.
From Little League Baseball to the Major Leagues, let us capture and document the journey to the Hall of Fame. Our cameramen have over 10,000 hours on the field shooting action sports all over Orange County. No matter what you sport is, we create recruitment videos put others to shame. Also, we offer live multi-camera mixing and online streaming. Order the Season Highlights Package to see all of your best plays and performances edited to your favorite music.

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